Our Services include but not limited to:


Eslobose deploys specialized equipment and highly experienced personnel to perform a variety of casing/tubing running services, including:
• Running of surface, intermediate and production casing.
• Running of lower and upper completion tubing.
• Retrieval of production tubing for work-over operations.
• Rentals and Maintenance of OCTG and completions accessories
• Fill-Up Tools/ Fluid Circulating services.
• Rigless Operation.
• Cold Cutting Services.
We operate in offshore, swamp and land locations. Our experienced personnel are committed to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to the challenges associated with casing and tubular running services.
We have specialized modern equipment with handling gears in different sizes and capacities to handle all kinds of tubular running operations.


We are able to handle Casing and tubing sizes up to 30” and string weights up to 1,000 tons. Our casing handling equipment and services are designed to reduce job-time and minimize thread damage. We also have specialize chrome master dies and tongs for all chrome pipes.


We offer pickup and lay-down logistics to mobilize equipments from Eslobose base to any Rig/Location.


We maintain an inventory of Draw-works Casing Circulating services (fill-up tools) to run as an integral part of casing operations with minimal rig-up time. We have the Bull Nose and the flapper type. They fill the casing while running in the hole and quickly convert the circulating mud when required. These tools are available for both top drive and conventional rigs. An internal check valve prevents mud from leaking onto the rig floor.


We offer the best in hydraulic tubing tongs and casing running equipment, including Clincher Chrome-master, and Mccoys with inetegral back-up, Teda and Eckel Ultra High torque tongs systems in various sizes. We also offer the finest in dual string running equipment.


We have various types and sizes of Spider Elevators for both offshore and land operations. These include FMS, BJ, Varco and Decon types, Available in 150T, 250T, 350T and 500T. Our Deepwater Sliding Spider/Elevator and Multi-Line Gathering System is the ultimate tool for the handling of deep-water completions where multiple control lines are required. Upon make-up of a connection and engagement of the elevator, the spider can be moved off the hole hydraulically. A control arm, fitted with a job specific nylon roller cut exactly to the clamp pattern, then moves the umbilical onto the pipe in exactly the same configuration as the clamp, allowing for installation in a matter of seconds. The spider provides a 20” opening in the retracted position. Both the spider and the elevator have motion compensation devices.


Eslobose Integrated Services Limited utilizes the Connection Technology CTT 3000 Computerized Torque Control System. This ensures connections are made up to the required torque prior to running in hole. The dump Valve connect with the data boxes with the aid of the load-cell interpretes the vertical rotary motion to a graphical signature to show the thread make-up profile. The CTT equipment displays the signature to indicate condition of the thread profile, shoulder, acceptable torque value, shows rejects for defective or galled connections and connection that falls outside the torque range. It also shows accept for thread with good profile.


Our staff are experienced and qualified on casing and tubing running. We are committed to offering our customers the most cost-effective service possible. Our field personnel continually develop newer and safer methods of solving casing and tubing running challenges. Our management is committed in providing safe working environment, quality equipment and specialized training for personnel.